XXII Jornadas de Classificação e Análise de Dados 2015:

Polytechnic Institute of Setubal - Barreiro School of Technology

Associação Portuguesa de Classificação e Análise de Dados (CLAD) and Barreiro School of Technology of the Polytechnic Insttute of Setubal (ESTBarreiro/IPS) have the pleasure to organize the XXII Jornadas de Classificação e Análise de Dados (JOCLAD 2015) which will be held on the 10th and 11th April of 2015 in Barreiro, Portugal.

The main goals of JOCLAD 2015 direct, among others, to teachers, researchers, students and other users who share the interest in Classification and Data Analysis, are:

  • To promote and develop investigation in this field of Statistics;
  • To stimulate the national scientific production, on both applied and theoretical strands;
  • To develop dialogue mechanisms, collaboration, discussion and scientific transfer of knowledge between statisticians and users;
  • To reinforce cohesion of the CLAD.

Scientific program of 2015 edition:

  • April 10th (morning): two pre-conference courses;
  • April 10th and 11th:
    • Plenary sessions with invited speakers;
    • Thematic sessions on various topcis;
    • Free communications, oral or through Poster, selected among the ones submitted; those will be organized in parallel sessions ;
Social event:
  • Tour;
  • Ignite. What is it? An international movement that organizes informal events to share ideas, knowledge and experiences on criativity, inovation, technology or more personal and enternaining subjects. These events are open to everyone and anyone can apply for a tal. This format has only one rule: each speaker has 5 minutes to convey the message and can only use 20 slides that automatically change every 15 seconds. Their lemma is "inspire us but make it quickly".

We are waiting for you in JOCLAD 2015 and in IGNITE Barreiro 2015 and you are very welcome to bring COLLEAGUES and FRIENDS!!!

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